Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Wonderful Day with Master - Part 1 (Preparation + Mini GangBang)

I was soo happy when I picked up Master from the airport. I can actually feel my heart pumping faster as I miss him very much and of cos not to mention pussy tingling with juice..ha ha...We drove directly to the hotel and checked in. They allowed us to check in early..yeah...

When we entered the room, after putting all our bags to the right place, Master hugged me and gave me a big kiss and then Master ordered me to place all the tools out properly on the table and I was to strip immediately.

Master caressed my breasts and touch my nipples and then pulled my nipples period is coming soon and thus my nipples were extremely sensitive and sore...YUMMY..Master slapped my each of my breasts HARD...PIAKKK..a few times...Then Master order me to bend over the small table with my hands in front of my head and my ass arched up. Master then ordered me to count the no of times Master spank me..I was not spanked hard for nearly 2 months. Master paddled my ass with the big hair brush first...WAMPPP..OUCh...gosh..Master said "I know it is painful my slut, and dat is why I gave you the hardest first..After that you will get used to it..."..I quickly answer "Yes Master. Thank you Master"...Master paddled me around 20 times, and then Master used the leather paddle and then the whip and then the flogger and the cane...LOVE everyone of them..GOSH..Wonderful..Painful but pussy throb with hornyness and excitement..

Master then ordered me to stand up and he put the new cuffs on my ankles and wrists..oooo i love them soo much..and then Master ordered me to lie down on the sofa and used the hogtied on me(I made this one myself..ha ha)

Master then used the flogger to flog my back a few times and then used the hair brush to paddle my ass...oooo...I love restraints..and then Master asked me "Bitch..which butt plugs do you like?" Now, there are actually 3 butt plugs..2 small ones and 1 hmmmm big one (for me is big cos Master rarely use my ass - ha ha)..I answered "the small one Master.." Then Master took the big one and a bottle of lube..DUH..i should have answered the big one..oh it anyway..ha ha...Then Master put some lube on the butt plug..not much though..oh GOSH...Master shoved the butt plug into my ass...OUCHHHH when the wide side of the butt plug goes it..PAIN shoots into my brain...damn painful..breathing breathing...then the pain subsided and then it was awesome..ha the feeling of the butt plug in me.."Thank you Master" i whimpered...

Now that was just the warming up session..I was ordered to go shower and then bring Master for lunch..yahooo..with my butt plug of cos

YUMMY..I went to shower and then wore my jeans and shirt..I can feel the butt plug in my ass while I walked and sit and I love it..the feeling inside that rub against the wall of my anus...

After lunch, we came back to the room and Master wants me to get ready for the afternoon fun. Master invited 2 guests Mr A and Mr B to come and have fun with me. I was soo excited. Master told them to wait at the cafe at the lobby of the hotel. I stripped and Master put nipple clamps on my breasts and then slapped my breasts hard. With the nipple clamps there, slapping was more painful especially when Master slapped it hard on the nipples..I was ordered to shower quickly to clean myself up properly. Showering with my nipple clamps not easy but NICE...After I showered, Master wanted to prep me by slapping on my face, and choking my make my pussy wetter..ha ha...Well it worked alright.. smileeess....Master chose a red corset for me where my breasts are not covered and a very short skirt where if I sit, my skirt will be lifted up and my pussy can be seen and a black tshirt to cover my nipple clamps and corset. No panty as usual and no bra...NICE....Love it...

They message my Master and I was instructed to wait till Master message me. OOO i know it is only like 20 minutes but the waiting seems to be for ages. Then finally Master's message came. I went out from the room, and there were two technicians there looking at me..ooooO now now..horny guys..and horny me..ha ha...Went to the lift and then press down..Heart pumping very fast indeed. Walked out from the lift and walked to the cafe and I saw Master and Mr A and MR B sitting at the sofa area. Master instructed me to sit opposite Mr B. I sat down and crossed my legs as per instructed before hand. Mr B's eyes were looking up and down on me...OOO i felt violated and it was indeed awesome. Then Master was talking to Mr B and Master looked at me and gave me the eye signal to spread my legs...I uncrossed my legs and spread my legs wide to let Mr B see my pussy..Mr B was actually eating a pie and I saw him trying very hard to put his pie into his mouth..ha ha..Then I crossed my legs again and then Master instructed me again to spread one more time. I spread my legs and to spice things a bit, I placed my hands onto my pussy and spread my clit for Mr B to see...hmmmm..I love exhibiting and I was in heaven..

After our drink, we all went up and when we entered the room, Mr A pulled my hair and bent me over the table and lifted my skirt to see my ass and butt plug..Hmmm he said..and then ordered me to strip. Master placed cuffs on my ankles and wrists and my collar on my neck. Mr A ordered me to go down on all fours like a horny bitch and he put a leash on my collar. He then dragged me with the leash to where Mr B was sitting. Of cos by that time Mr B was naked ready sitting at the sofa..ha ha..horny Mr B. I knelt down between his legs and Mr A said "Bitch what do you say?" I looked at Mr B and asked softly "Can I please stroke you cock Sir?" Mr B said "Sure slut"."Thank you Sir" I then used my right hand to stroke his cock up and down and my left hand to massage his balls...Mr B pinched my nipples hard while I stroke his cock..

After that Mr B ordered "I want you to suck my cock bitch.." I looked at Master and Master said yes and gave me a condom. I turned to Mr B and asked politely "Sir, Can this useless worthless whore please suck your precious cock?" Mr B said yes and ordered me to use my mouth to place this condom on his dick. "Thank you Sir" and I tore the package and placed the condom in my mouth and then gently put it onto his erected cock. Of cos by then I am all wet and horny..Pussy throbbing like hell.

After the condom was put into proper place, I started to suck and lick his cock. Mr B said to Master "Hmmmm you are lucky to have this slut all to yourself Nick..and she is a good cock sucker as well"...Master laughed and said to me "SLUT...take his cock all in..NOW" I quickly responded and pushed Mr B's cock all into my mouth..DEEP THROAT. Master thought me deep throat a few times before and I was nervous wondering whether i can do it to Master's friends. I want to make Master proud of me and thus I took his whole entire cock into my mouth..Mr B wants to hear me gag so he said...Mr A even pushed my head down and force Mr B's cock into my throat.

Mr A said "15 seconds slut...15 seconds..if not I am going to whip ur ass till it bleeds..." I took Mr B's entire cock into my throat and left it there for 15 seconds...10,11,12,.....13.....14......15...phewww.....Mr A patted my head and said "Good girl"..."Thank you Sir" I said with a smile on my face

Mr A then ordered me to stand up. He took my corset off to tie me up. Master came to me and.....OUCHHH..Master yanked the nipple clamps off from my nipples..One by One...OUCH....Mr B licked my nipples and bit them hard...OOOO..Now dat is painful. Mr A tied both of my hands behind me, where both of my breasts and nipples were exposed. Mr B ordered me to spread my legs so he can play with my clit.."ummmmm you wet horny slut..." Mr B started to finger fuck my pussy...

After I was tied, Mr A then ordered me to suck Mr B's cock again. I squatted down and start to suck his cock without the help of my hands..YUMMY...I love it..

Mr A then placed a pillow on the table and pulled me hair and pushed me bent over the pillow. Mr B told Master that he wanted to fuck my ass...Master came over and took out my butt plug...oooo..Master said "Her ass is ready for you my friend..." Mr B then fucked my ass while Mr A went and shove his cock into my mouth...hmmmm double it..To make things even more exciting, Master lighted two candles and pour wax all over my back and ass...oooooo...thank you it..

I was then ordered to lie on my back and spread my legs as Mr B put my hitachi on my clit..they wanted to hear me cum but Master told them that I am not allowed to cum at all or else I will be punished severely. Mr B placed the hitachi on my clit for 30 mins or so and I wanted to cum but I know I am not allowed to. Master poured candle wax over my breasts and nipples. It was sooo hot as Master used one candle to burn the other candle to collect the wax and when it was full Master poured the wax all over my nipples. Ecstasy. I was moaning and squirming. My hands are sore and tired but I just can't help the pleasure feeling of the pain and hitachi at the same time. To stop me from moaning, they put a ball gag in my mouth..

My nipples are all covered with wax and Mr A tried to use the cane to remove the candle wax but Master said "I have another way to remove it..a faster way.."

Then Master uses his strong hand and slap against my breasts...PAAAPPP...PAPPPP...OUCH..but love it..

I was sooo near cumming and I know both Mr A and Mr B would love it if I cum and see me get punished by Master...thus I beg Master to let me cum "Master.Please may this useless fuck toy of yours cum and be punished?"...I beg a few times and then Master finally said "Yes slut you may cum...but u will be punished later slut" "Thank you Master..Thank you soo much"..Oooooooooooooooo...i cum soooo hard and I can see Mr B was enjoying every moment of it. I thank both Mr A and Mr B for helping me to cum as well.

Mr A then untie me and Master said "Slut..u cum before they did..that is not is 3:20..make Mr B cum before 3:30 slut or ELSE. Do whatever you can to make him cum now" I quickly knelt between Mr B's legs and then start to stroke his cock. Right hand stroking his cock and left hand rubbing his balls. Mr B then said "Finger fuck my ass bitch"..I lube my fingers and pushed two fingers into his ass while I stroke his cock. Then I suck his cock while finger fuck his ass. Mr B moaned and moaned. Then Mr B asked me to ride his cock. I sat on his cock and move my ass up and down...Mr B said "I am near cumming..stroke my cock bitch" I said "yes Sir..with pleasure Sir.." I then stroke his cock until he cum..and the CLOCK is 3:26 pm...

The afternoon ends with me smiling and Master ordering me to lie on the floor and play with my Mr Hitachi for all of them to see..Master wants me to cum and cum and cum again.."Thank you Mr A..Thank you Mr B..for giving me this opportunity and pleasure to serve and please both of you"..

Master said "I am proud of you my whore. This is just the beginning. There will be more for you in the future..." I smiled and said "Thank you so much my Master"

[Pictures are all in my fetlife account. with the id katietan75]

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